Who We Work With

We work with a variety of Small to medium businesses. They all want to attract new customers from their local area and understand the importance of developing  an effective online marketing strategy.

Are some of these statements true for you?

“I’ve been in business for several years and have always relied on word of mouth for new customers” Now these referrals have slowed to a trickle and you don’t know how to reach the new ones.

“I’ve got a website but it’s brought me in little or no business” Maybe you’ve created your own site or paid someone else to build one for you. If it hasn’t brought in new customers then it isn’t doing its job properly. More work needs to be done to ensure that your site is bringing in new business.

“I know I need to get found by the search engines but I’ve no idea how to compete with all the other listings – most of which wouldn’t do as good a job as our company.” It’s easy to work out that you need to be seen in the search engines. Learning ‘how’ to do it for yourself is far more difficult.

“I’ve been paying to have my website managed and optimised, so I presume the job’s being done. Although we haven’t really seen the results we want” Are you aware of exactly what you’re paying for? and are you being shown progress reports that show your site is being optimised and visited more often?

“I’m paying for yellow pages advertising but it’s not working as well for me” Paper directories are becoming less used as more people are getting used to finding everything they need on the internet.

“I hear lots of people talking about getting work through the internet and I’m totally confused” If you’re not a computer savvy person you probably don’t understand how marketing on the web works and how it can help you. It’s quite hard to ‘wrap your head around’ but the internet isn’t a passing phase, it’s here to stay. The majority of people immediately search on their smart phones or computers whenever they want to find something out. It makes sense for you to be seen at the place where they are looking.

Clients are likely to be successful with us if…

  • You want to make more effective use of your marketing budget
  • You see the value of investing in new ways to promote your business
  • You’re keen to learn about how online marketing works so you can be more in control of promoting your business into the future
  • You are committed to making sure your online presence reflects the quality of your business or service
  • You realise that SEO isn’t ‘just a quick job that needs doing once’ and are willing to embrace the concept of cultivating your online presence over time.

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