A Twitter tail

It is a wise person who can learn from others mistakes.  A tail of putting all ones eggs in one basket read Jessica Swanson twitter tail.

How Many Blog Posts Do I Need in Reserve?

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The New Economy and Small Business

Today I’m pointing you at an interesting article I found about the new economy. It’s coming whether you like it or not.

This article is a quick read, it won’t give you the answers however it will help you start… Continue reading

Gmail Tips Every SMB Should Know

I think we all love the idea of e-mail, however I think most of us hate an inbox overflowing and dominating our lives.

The article I linked to today gives you some methods of being far more productive with e-mail,… Continue reading

How to Craft a Privacy Policy for Your Website

Having a privacy policy on the website is something I have been looking at for a little while now. What should I advise my clients to do?

This new article I linked to below does seem to be aimed at… Continue reading

5 Habits Small Businesses Should Adopt seo

Something that we at SCO Sheffield are very keen on is that our clients understand what we are doing for them. They don’t need to know all the details of every single thing we have going on, however the basic… Continue reading